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Arts Calendar / February 16 / Ballet
12:00, 19:00. Ballet by George Balanchine in three parts on music by Gabriel Fauré, Igor Stravinsky and Pyotr Tchaikovsky. 150 min. Choreography by George Balanchine. Set Designer: Alyona Pikalova. Costume Designer: Elena Zaitseva. Music Director: Pavel Sorokin. Jewels is a three-act ballet created for the New York City Ballet by co-founder and founding choreographer George Balanchine. It premièred on Thursday, 13 April 1967 at the New York State Theater, with sets designed by Peter Harvey and lighting by Ronald Bates. Jewels has been called the first full-length abstract ballet. It has three related movements: Emeralds, Rubies, and Diamonds (usually separated by intermissions). It can also be seen as three separate ballets, linked by their jewel-colored costumes. Balanchine commented: "The ballet had nothing to do with jewels. The dancers are just dressed like jewels." Each of the three acts features the music of a different composer: Emeralds is set to the music of Gabriel Fauré, Rubies to the music of Igor Stravinsky and Diamonds to music by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.
Bolshoi Theater 
20:00 The Kreutzer Sonata
Contemporary ballet production. 2017, 60 min. Directed by Robert Binet (Canada) based on Leo Tolstoy's "The Kreutzer Sonata". The story has been moved to the present day and focused on the life and emotional world of the wife of the protagonist - Pozdnyshev. As Robert Binet saw it, the main character of the ballet is the woman who sacrificed her personal ambitions for the sake of taking care of her family. Thanks to the music she reinvents herself and changes her attitude to life. Music helps her see love as something unearthly. Inspired by it she once again becomes desired by her husband who gets frightened by her strive for freedom and eventually leads him to murder.
Meyerhold Center 
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