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   July 15
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19:00 Korpiklaani (Finland)
Finnish folk-metal ensemble Korpiklaani's sound is governed by the marriage of fat, compressed, electric guitar power riffs, charging accordion, and fiddle underscored by thrumming basslines and whomping, double-timed drums often played in sped-up march rhythms. The effect is at once martial and drunken, always celebratory often with traditional yoik vocals. Though their first three albums -- beginning with 2003's Spirit of the Forest -- employed English lyrics and death metal frameworks; by the time they issued their fourth, 2007's Tervaskanto, they'd shifted to all-Finnish lyrics, and their folk-metal roots gradually claimed the foreground. By 2015's Noita, folk-metal had become both the root and the branch, resulting in gigs -- even those played in the U.S. and Asia -- that came off as hedonistic celebrations of Finnish tradition, expert musicianship, and folklore. In September 2017, the band unleashed their first-ever concert LP/film, Live at Masters of Rock, which was recorded in 2016 at the festival of the same name in Vizovice, Czech Republic. In November, they entered Sound Supreme Studio in Hämeenlinna, Finland with producer/mixing engineer Janne Saksa, who had worked with the band on their just-issued live offering. Preceded by three singles released through late spring and early summer, including the European hit "Henkselipoika," the full-length Kulkija ("Wanderer") was issued in September.
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