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   February 20
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News about Russia and the CIS from Leading World News Media.

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20.02.17 Ford Sees Big Russia Gamble Vindicated As Sales Finally Turn Corner
Ford has become the first major foreign carmaker in Russia to see sales grow after three bad years, potentially vindicating its decision to double down on a notoriously volatile market when rivals decided to cut and run. Sales of cars in Russia have fallen by more than half since a 2012 peak of 2.9 million vehicles, due to an economic crisis brought on by low oil prices and Western sanctions. The market fell by 11 percent last year, and was down a further 5 percent in January from a year earlier. Read more 
20.02.17 East Ukraine Ceasefire Due To Take Effect
BBC News
A ceasefire is due to come into effect in eastern Ukraine following a deal in Munich over the weekend to halt fighting and withdraw heavy weapons from the front line. But there have been many such agreements in the past and the omens for peace in the region are not good. Russian-backed fighters and the Ukrainian army have clashed almost daily for the last 30 months. Read more 
20.02.17 Libya's Seraj Sees Russia As Possible Intermediary With Eastern Commander
Libyan Prime Minister Fayez Seraj of the U.N.-backed government in Tripoli said on Sunday he would like Russia to help overcome deadlock in the country, which is struggling with divisions among militias and an Islamist militant threat. In an interview with Reuters, Seraj expressed hope that Moscow might act as an intermediary between him and Khalifa Haftar, a military commander who is supported by factions based in the east of Libya. Seraj's Government of National Accord has been trying to formulate plans for unified Libyan security forces since arriving in Tripoli in March, but has made little progress. Read more 
20.02.17 'Poisoned' Critic Vladimir Kara-Murza Leaves Russia For Treatment
BBC News
An outspoken Kremlin critic who fell into a coma two years after a suspected poisoning has left Russia for treatment abroad. Journalist Vladimir Kara-Murza, who works for pro-democracy group Open Russia, became ill earlier this month. He has now recovered enough to leave the country to seek further treatment, his lawyer Vadim Prokhorov said on Facebook on Sunday. Read more 
20.02.17 U.S. Embassy In Kiev Critical Of Moscow Order On Ukrainian Documentation
The United States embassy in Kiev voiced concern on Sunday over Russia's decision to recognize civil registration documents issued in separatist-held areas of eastern Ukraine, saying that it threatens the Minsk peace process. The order by Russian President Vladimir Putin on Saturday will enable people from the conflict-hit region to travel, work or study in Russia and drew strong criticism from Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. Read more 
20.02.17 Barred From The Ballot, Putin’s Rival Is Running Anyway
The Economist
With little more than a year remaining before Russia’s next presidential elections, Aleksei Navalny, the country’s leading opposition politician, is hitting the campaign trail. Over the coming weeks he will embark on a tour from Siberia to the Black Sea, opening offices and recruiting volunteers. The fact that a Russian court recently ruled him ineligible to run has done little to change his plans. “Dance as if no one can see you, campaign as if you’re already on the ballot,” Mr Navalny quips. Read more 
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