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   March 28
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Moscow's cultural scene is famously enormous and varied - but where to start? Our arts-savvy editorial team trawl what's on offer, to bring you our selection of Culture Picks for your leisure time. Current and upcoming recommendations are:
29.03.17-30.03.17  20:00 Mumiy Troll (Russia)
Mumiy Troll, named after the character of Tove Jansson’s Moomin Troll books, is one of Russia’s most popular pop rock bands which has gained international popularity as well. It's not that the band possesses a particularly exciting biography, nor does the it really stray far beyond the standards of Russian pop, but somehow the group's music makes the listener think that there is something more complex about both Mumiy Troll and its leader Ilya Lagutenko than what appears on the surface of their songs. Besides Mumiy Troll, Ilya Lagutenko is involved into two more musical projects but nevertheless this band remains his main activity. They first gained immense popularity with the release of their first (official) album Morskaya (Marine) in May 1997, which showcased a combination of melodic hard rock and Lagutenko's offbeat lyrics and coy, androgynous performance style. Mumiy Troll of that time were all about brit pop, unisex and rockapop (term introduced by band’s founder Ilya Lagutenko)—and were tremendously successful with everything they did on the album. At that time they were supported by Russia’s two probably most influential pop music publicity & production specialists: Alexander Kushnir & Alexander Shulgin. On March 29th and 30th Mumiy Troll will celebrate 20-year anniversary of release Morskaya album. Read more
Crocus City Hall 
29.03.17-02.04.17 CIFRA 3.Hungarian Cinema Festival
History is the key word for all films of the new festival. Each tells a fascinating story - with fiction and sharp turns, so that you can't tear yourself away. And in each film you will see the great and terrible, tragic and beautiful history of twentieth century and the newest time of Hungary in Europe, the nerve and drive of which the Hungarian directors perfectly fixed. At the opening - a brisk and snooty comedic action "Pure Heart, or Killers on Wheels," a talented provocative movie where the hero is the most unusual criminal in the world - wheelchair disabled with a gun in his hands. "Family Happiness" is the finest fresco, the film-winner of the International Film Festival in Karlovy Vary, an example of psychological certainty. The comedy "Mom and Other Crazy Relatives" is waving not just on the history of the whole dynasty, but on the non-parade portrait of the entire 20th century. There is in the program of the festival and another prize-winner of the American Film Academy - it seems that the annual "Oscar" for Hungarian cinema becomes a good tradition: in 2017 the chosen one was a small masterpiece "Chorus" included in our program of short films. It consists of four dramas of exceptional quality, in no way inferior to their long-playing fellows. Read more
Documentary Movie Center 
15.04.17  19:00 Mad Songs
The mad song became a favored genre amongst Restoration composers, who delighted in setting their imaginations free to write inventive and impassioned music for the eloquently rambling flights of fancy of men smitten by madness, most usually caused by the bitter darts of love. This works of art offer rich texts and wild melodies that are not only entertaining, but also enlightening of the musical and psychological habits of the time. This program brings some of the best of these songs and ranges from the charming 16th century folk songs to music by Henry Purcell. Most of these works would have reached audiences as part of plays. There are also some wonderful pieces of Purcell in typically inventive and alluring mood (the beautifully-crafted From Rosy Bow’rs, for example), and some gems by Eccles, too (Restless in thought). The first part of the program closes with Purcell's Mad Bess, the forerunner and model for mad songs of this period, yet, one could argue, a culmination in the genre – a song that was never bettered. Read more
MMDM Chamber Hall 
15.04.17  12:00 Marquese Scott (USA)
Whether everyone is able to hear music? And how it is possible – to see music? He could. He could reveal music and its rhythms. If music touches our mind – he touches this world by music. He show the inner sense of time revealed in music. Marquese Scott puts this world through music and reveals it in a surreal dance. Everyone can see this world – in its own way. Therefore this world is so many-sided. Marquese Scott opens a new sense of rhythm of this universe in dance – revealing another concept of time. Actually, time becomes some plastic substance which can obtain any form, denying the state of full uncertainty. Because 60 seconds, 12 hours, 365 days, or even the whole epoch – all these words are not enough to measure this enigma created by people to define the limits of their being. Marquese Scott’s dance reveals an instant which goes on as much as you want. Each moment of time can be stopped or continued. Each second – vibrates or even trembles in the sound of silence. One can say he is just dancing or moving. But in the dance language he creates some irreal visions revealing each instant of life. He opens the whole world in a special language of spontaneous movement, defining a new dimension of the time flow. “When you’re dancing the music is talking to you and you’re basically portraying the music to you. So, then you’re going to see a different visual side”. Read more
Arbat Stereo 
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