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   August 26
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Moscow's cultural scene is famously enormous and varied - but where to start? Our arts-savvy editorial team trawl what's on offer, to bring you our selection of Culture Picks for your leisure time. Current and upcoming recommendations are:
05.09.16  21:00 Julianna Barwick (USA)
Julianna Barwick is an American musician, singer and composer, who was born in Louisiana and is currently based in Brooklyn, New York. She has released six albums, the last of which, Will, came out in 2016. Barwick’s ambient music is almost entirely made of the sound of her own voice—the key element in every composition. Often compared to Björk and Yoko Ono, Barwick is regularly featured in the Best New Music section in Pitchfork. She has performed in MoMA New York and has shared the stage with Sigur Rós and The Flaming Lips. Read more
Garage Museum of Contemporary Art  
10.09.16  19:30 Moon Hooch (USA)
An unexpected and unintended alliance of two saxophones and drums who at their core have pureed a house, dance, drum and bass, jazz, world, and classical music into something seamless, fresh and new. There is not a band harder to describe or easier to enjoy than Moon Hooch. For any one opening, especially for an established band, possessing a live show with an instant appeal is key. Moon Hooch is energetic, joyful, relentless and, best of all, original. Whether they were playing Bonnaroo or Lincoln Center, Moon Hooch would blow the crowd away. Their powers of persuasion seem to be boundless Read more
Garage Museum of Contemporary Art  
02.10.16  20:00 Skye & Ross from Morcheeba (UK)
Skye Edwards and Ross Godfrey, launch their brand new project SKYE | ROSS, with an eponymously titled album due for release September 2nd on Fly Agaric Records / Cooking Vinyl Records. It is an album that pursues its own musical path while returning to the roots of the sound that made Morcheeba a household name back in the late 1990s. It is, Ross explains, “what Skye and I do naturally when we make music together, and yet not necessarily a continuation of what we’d been doing with Morcheeba. It therefore felt only right to give it a new identity.” Read more
09.11.16  20:00 The Prodigy (UK)
The Prodigy navigated the high wire, balancing artistic merit and mainstream visibility with more flair than any electronica act of the 1990s. Ably defeating the image-unconscious attitude of most electronic artists in favor of a focus on nominal frontman Keith Flint, the group crossed over to the mainstream of pop music with an incendiary live experience that approximated the original atmosphere of the British rave scene even while leaning uncomfortably close to arena rock showmanship and punk theatrics. True, Flint's spiky hairstyle and numerous piercings often made for better advertising, but it was producer Liam Howlett whose studio wizardry launched The Prodigy to the top of the charts, spinning a web of hard-hitting breakbeat techno with king-sized hooks and unmissable samples. Early in 2015 the group announced its sixth studio album, The Day Is My Enemy. Preceded by the single "Nasty," the album featured guest appearances from Sleaford Mods and Flux Pavilion. In July band was announced their biggest tour of Russia in November. Read more
Bud Arena 
17.11.16-18.11.16  20:00 Garbage (USA)
Garbage made their comeback in 2012, returning to action after a seven-year hiatus with Not Your Kind of People. Strange Little Birds arrived four years later - a gap that's just over half the length of their hiatus - and it plays as a continuation of its predecessor, a record that draws a conscious bridge to the band's '90s heyday. If Garbage are no longer opting in with new trends, they're also not grasping at elusive straws from the past: Strange Little Birds is a comfortable record, an album from a band that embraces its signatures and limitations. As they're a group of studio musicians, Garbage still thrill with the possibilities of recording, loading each track with all manner of trickery - showiness that envelops, not alienates. Read more
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