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The best people will always be in demand, so if you are seeking new challenges in your career or new outlets for your professional skills, let your mouse wander over to our Vacancies section, to find job openings posted and updated daily on The Moscow Expat Site. Vacancy of the day: Little Angels kg is in need of native English teachers to work with children ages 2-6yrs starting from September 2016 for full day(9:00-5:00 or 6:00) Requirements: Good command of English language or English as the first language, experience and diploma in early childhood education, TEFL certificate. The candidate must be well organised, responsible, mature and should make lessons interesting. Good pay, visa support and additional benefits.

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Moscow's cultural scene is famously enormous and varied - but where to start? Our arts-savvy editorial team trawl what's on offer, to bring you our selection of Culture Picks for your leisure time.

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Got your finger on the butten? Now you can, using the Moscow Expat Site Phone Directory - a unique listing of expat-friendly services and organizations that will be of maximum use and benefit to you. All the numbers are updated for accuracy, and many offer English-speaking services. Do more and find more in Moscow, with the Phone Directory!

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Hold the front page! Keeping up with news can be a full-time job in itself... which is why The Moscow Expat Site has a dedicated staffer sifting and culling from world media, so you don't have to! On our News Links page you'll find headline stories updated daily by 7 a.m., with clickable links that put you in charge - so stop searching and start finding!

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