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   January 30
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23:40. Action, thriller. USA, France 2019, 119 min. Directed by Luc Besson. Starring: Sasha Luss, Helen Mirren, Luke Evans, Cillian Murphy, Alexander Petrov. In English with Russian subtitles. Anna Poliatova is a Russian model who achieved success unbelievable quickly in the fashion world. But her beauty hides a secret: Anna is one of the most accomplished assassins in the world, carrying out hits on the highest levels. After yet another successfully completed contract in Moscow, she sets off for Paris with a dangerous mission.
Pioner Cinema on Kutuzovsky 
Just a Gigolo
09:30. Comedy. France 2019, 94 min. Directed by Olivier Baroux. Starring: Kad Merad, Anne Charrier, Leopold Moati, Pascal Elbe, Thierry Lhermitte. In French with Russian subtitles. While he was younger, Alex decided that he wouldn’t follow in his father’s footsteps, burdened by a difficult job. He chose to be a gigolo and for 25 years, he lived the high life, enjoying the affections of wealthy women. However, his glory days are now behind him, and his patroness has left him for a younger competitor. Out on the street without money or a roof over his head, the washed-up pretty boy remembers his sister whom he hasn’t seen for many years. It turns out that she has a growing son, whom he can teach the art of seduction — and start off on a new hunt together.
Pioner Cinema on Kutuzovsky 
Spider-Man: Far From Home
19:10. Fantasy, action, adventure. USA 2019, 129 min. Directed by Jon Watts. Starring: Zendaya, Tom Holland, Angourie Rice. In English with Russian subtitles. This time, our beloved boy next door has decided to take a break from his superhero exploits by taking a European vacation with his friends. However, nobody can hide from Nick Fury, and he has his own plans for Spider-Man. Peter reluctantly agrees to help the head of S.H.I.E.L.D. unravel a mystery: what beings are behind the terrible attacks that have led to horrible catastrophes and destruction all over the continent? Of course, they are soon forced to save the world yet again.
Pioner Cinema on Kutuzovsky 
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